I am a New Yorker who found my way to California after meeting my wife in dental school at Boston University. I am a third generation dentist whose journey began with a paper route and then through a variety of jobs growing up.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the Universityof South Florida. Eventually, though, my journey would lead me to the same path as my father and grandfather.

After I graduated from Boston University I felt that I would benefit greatly by furthering my dental education through the completion of a residency. I did this through the Hillsborough County Dental Research Clinic in Tampa, Florida and received extensive dental training in all areas of general dentistry.I make great efforts to keep up with current dental issues and procedures and in turn am a strong proponent in promoting dental education and awareness for patients In doing so I hope to achieve proper dental health for all our patients.

I am a San Jose native who grew up in the Evergreen area. A huge portion of my childhood was spent in a dental office. Both my parents are dentists and have been serving the downtown area for over 30 years.

I attended Archbishop Mitty High School and then earned a BA in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz. Though it may seem that the natural progression for myself would have been to go straight to dental school after college, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just pursuing dentistry only because my parents are dentists. I felt I had to venture out of my “comfort zone” to discover what I really want to do. I also had other interests that I wanted to pursue in the social services field.

Through my various job experiences after college I still felt a strong affinity towards the sciences and the health field. I found a job as a dental assistant with a local endodontist and discovered that I really did enjoy dentistry outside of the context of my parents’ office. That was when I decided to apply to dental school. I went to Boston University and not only did I come back with a DMD, I also came back with a husband and a daughter!

One of my passions is community service, a trait I attribute to my parents. My parents helped to establish a Medical/Dental and relief mission to help the impoverished in my dad’s hometown in the Philippines. It takes place every other year and Rob and I plan to be regular volunteers in the effort.At the local level Rob and I are excited to be able to serve our local Evergreen community. We’re happy to be able to support the community in which we live to better serve our patients. We look forward to developing long lasting relationships with you and your families.

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